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Client Home #110, Nazareth, Pennsylvania

Questions and Answers- pay attention there might be a test!
1. How do you define 'customer'?......Someone who may or not buy from us, but establishes no personal relationship with us.

2. How do you define 'client'?............Someone who trusts us in selling them one piece or a whole room of furniture. Someone who believes in our talents and abilities to make their home beautiful.

3. How do you define 'client and friend'?...Someone with great family responsibilities, who spends thousands of dollars with us, and brings us meatballs and spaghetti, because she worries about how we are holding up!

4. How do you define a true client, friend and supporter of our business? Someone who has a magnificently furnished home, and is very happy with all they have purchased from us. BUT, loves us so much, has decided to add a wing to their home, just so they can purchase more furniture from us. There is no name for that kind of bigheartedness.

Heart felt generosity. Friendship. Loyalty. We are blessed to have these clients in our lives. The people who walk through our doors are more than just customers. First they drove three hours to us in order to purchase. Then they built an entire new wing to their home just so they could furnish it by us. Now they updated their living room in the latest color combinations, using a custom sectional, rugs, and window treatments.

But when they heard Pia was painting again, they had to have the first.

A sectional was selected designed by famed furniture designer Vladimir Kagen. Lilac and plum microsuedes accent the dramatic arms. The coffee table is colored acrylic shaped in extraordinary design. Custom window cornices that are hand made and manufactured on our premises, use colorful threads to add the proper accents. A custom area rug and a dramatic painting by Pia complete the spectacular entrance to this one-of-a-kind home.

Living Room

Custom rug

Two tone chair

Perfectly matched living room


Family Room

After completing multiple rooms in their home...our friend has added a wing to their home just in time for the holidays. It is a special wing, because it is mostly glass looking out over the amazing pool area. We needed a loooooooong, comfortable sectional, durable yet stylish coffee table, eating area, A 'Pinnacle Award' winning custom area rug, and an unusual wall unit to hold a 57" Super Bowl ready TV.

Okay, let's get started. A 19 foot sectional covered in rich mango leather on the seats and backs, wrapped in a brown chestnut leather. A stunning travertine and wenge coffee table, sits upon a geometric 17 1/2 foot custom area rug combining all the colors in the room. Of course the rug is geometric...did you think Pia could only draw curves? A comfortable club chair, pub table and chairs finished in copper metal, completes most of the room.

Long modern sofa
Invite ALL the friends! Two tone modern sectional.  Custom area rug. Italian tables.

Custom wall unit
Shape! Color! Design! A spectacular modern wall unit.

Modern area rug schematic

Custom art sculpture, comfortable swivel chair upholstered in leather and pattern microfiber.

Modern Dining

Perfect setting for a mimosa!

Beautiful sculpture accessory

Modern Contemporary Living Room

A perfectly coordinating room!
   Stylish, comfortable, beautiful.


New Design Features

We have been very fortunate to become friends with many of our clients through the years. In our new business, we are excited to make new friends. This home and this client are very special.

    The challenge was to enhance and spice up rooms that were already furnished by the client, (before they 'discovered' Pia). Four dramatic custom area rugs, and coordinated window treatments have been ordered. How do you add more drama to that magnificent living room, with beautiful windows, and a spectacular view of the huge backyard and spa? You'll have to wait for delivery!

ba16 before
Client wanted to warm up the dining room.

Added: Custom Rug

ba16 after
A dramatic great room is enhanced by a Pia custom area rug.
Custom rug


ba16 after
ba16 after
Whimsical! Colorful! Artistic! Using a shapely, bright custom rug, with an original art sculpture, makes the entrance to this home sparkle.
A contemporary window treatment adds warmth, style and color to any window.
Custom cornice
ba16 after
Stunning custom window treatment for the dining room.
Shapely, colorful, tasteful....a custom window treatment by Pia...for a truly grand home.

Detailing of custom rug
Detailed design of rug.

Perfect accent piece
Just the right accent piece.

Client's Own Words

Dear Pia and Larry,
"I just had to write and tell you my entire experience from walking into your beautiful showroom to receiving my wall pieces, custom rugs and furniture has been a remarkable experience, to say the least.
Your design experience and recommendations have truly enhanced our home to be more dramatic and a one of a kind look.  From the day I placed my order, every detail was followed up like clockwork and the delivery was as promised.
Unfortunately, I had purchased from "furniture" stores in the past that made promises, made me feel like they were doing me a favor by taking my order, delivery dates came and went and sure, I could cancel, but then the waiting date started all over again with another store.
So I thank you again for your magnificent artwork you designed for our custom rugs and wall pieces.  I had never been able to find the wall and rug accent pieces I likes for my home, but you made that possible for us without any stress or concern.  No more white walls!!!
I am thinking of adding an addition to our house so I can shop more with you.
If every anyone needs a reference for "The Contemporary Couch" please feel free to give my name."
MP, Nazareth, PA

Good Morning Pia & Larry,
   I am sitting here, having my coffee in my new sunroom and looking at everything in my room and house and so happy that we met. I thought I had contemporary furniture before, picking up pieces the odd time I was able to actually find a store that had what I settled for as contemporary furniture. I think that is true of all the "before and after" photo's of your clients. We all found the pieces we did and settled as contemporary and then we found you wonderful people and man what a difference!!! We ultimately design our homes for our own comfort but the icing on the cake is when friends, family and individuals that are coming into our homes remark with such high praises for your designs and care that you do to make our homes stand out. I can't thank you enough for your talent, friendship and love of our homes and us!!!
MP, Nazareth, PA

We love this reaction on the day of delivery!



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The Contemporary Couch Design Group featuring artistic interior design by Pia
231 Route 4
Paramus, NJ 07652

P: 201-226-0011 / F: 201-226-0014
The Contemporary Couch Design Studio at 231 Route 4, Paramus, NJ serves your interior design needs.  Living rooms, Dining rooms, Custom rugs, personalized touches are all inside our exciting interior design showroom.  Visit The Contemporary Couch Design Studio today!" alt="The Contemporary Couch Design Studio at 231 Route 4, Paramus, NJ serves your interior design needs.  Living rooms, Dining rooms, Custom rugs, personalized touches are all inside our exciting interior design showroom.  Visit The Contemporary Couch Design Studio today!

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