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Custom designed by Pia
Client Home #96, Staten Island, NY

First, the sweetest Brooklyn babe comes into the showroom with her ferocious sidekick Buster.  She loves our stuff and wants us to design her new home.  Not only does she have exciting taste, likes drama and lavender, but is willing to try new materials.  Pearlized white croc sections is the statement piece with a dramatic window cornice in silvers, white and lavender, a coordinating custom rug and Pia sculpture cocktail table in a kidney shape.  I was amazed at her true understanding of contemporary and design, almost as amazed as watching her put on lip liner without a mirror!  I knew when I first met her we had to be the same age, from the same neighborhood (none of your business how old), but disco is a good memory.

Now the house is very interesting.  It lays out long and multi-level.  The kitchen will be just as dramatic in whites with a glass table and curved bench with angular chairs.  Metallic ultrasuede and white vinyls, so striking.

We designed a comfortable "MAN CAVE" in grays, whites and teals to give the man of the house a non-lavender relaxation room to enjoy his new home and big flat screen.

We are working on the dining room and window treatments next.

We wish this very warm couple many years of happiness in their new home and are very excited to see these designs become reality.

Design Presentation

Sometimes when people look at the finished room photos, they are unaware of the process and details it takes to achieve that special look. There are many years of training behind what we do, and the special details of our furniture is evident in the results. Our main purpose is to present you with multiple design options. You make the final decisions. Let's get started:

Step 1:

After a visit to your home, or working from room plans and blueprints, you are presented with a scaled drawing showing you how the furniture you picked will fit the room. This avoids guessing when it comes to size, scale and walking room. According to the room plan, this client has selected a sectional, custom rug, coffee table and window cornice. A custom dining room is also on order.


Step 2:

Then we help you select fabrics and leathers. Here the client has selected her color scheme and upholstery. Rich lavender combined with a dramatic white croc vinyl on a dramatic sectional will be a fashion statement. Some of our clients like dramatic looks and some like soft elegant looks. We cater to your needs.

Step 3:

Pia's life as a painter has brought very unique talents to the home furnishings field. Her natural ability to draw intricate designs has translated to creating award winning custom area rugs. As you can see below, a detailed drawing done by hand is presented to you. Combined with the perfect color palette, the shapes are perfectly matched to your living room. then in a few days a computer colored drawing is given to you for any changes. Even though you are about to order a one- of- a - kind design, you get to see the exact colors and shapes.

Pencil sketch of custom rug
Color rendering of custom rug

Step 4:

Besides custom area rugs we offer more custom elements for your room. In the fall of 2010 we purchased 'Creative Cornices' a producer of custom window treatments. We moved all the equipment and the skilled craftsman to our showroom where we have been producing spectacular new designs. At this point in the presentation we show you rods wrapped in the exact threads that will be used for your window. Here a few metallic threads have been added for a special effect. Again, even though you are ordering a custom design you get to see the colors being used. This eliminates the 'unexpected' surprise on delivery day.


Cornice selections

Step 5:

We are very proud of the custom coffee tables we design. We create intricate curved pieces perfectly color matched to all your other selections. Pia's artistry is again expressed in these unique pieces.

Sketch of custom coffee table

Step 6:

All of your family members are invited at the presentation. Here, 'Buster', enjoys the special treats served during the 3-5 hours it takes for our professional presentation. He gives his approval to the final designs his owner has selected. After all, his dinner bowl will be put next to the dramatic curved bench covered in white vinyl in the kitchen.

Everyone needs a break!

There's the process. Our promise to you, the purpose of our company, the reason 'The Contemporary Couch' was created over five years ago, is we will design for your home the most original presentation of custom contemporary furniture in this entire country. If you're happy shopping in other stores that all carry the same things, all the same Chinese imports that are produced like a cookie cutter, then we are not for you.

But if you desire something special, if you value artistry and creativity, if you want original designs for your home, if you are tired of the treatment you receive in other stores, come visit with us. In a relaxed atmosphere, over some fresh coffee and a few Godiva chocolates we will show you all the possibilities for your home.

Now enjoy all the photos of the finished room. After more deliveries are made we will advise you of the updated photos in our monthly newsletter. We hope to meet you soon.

Let's see the results:


Living Room

Color coordinated perfectly

Custom sculpture coffee table

Coordinating rug with metallic threads

Blended lavenders and silver bring this room together

Living room with custom cornice, coffee table, rug

Custom floating buffet with coordinating area rug

All of our bedrooms, dining rooms and media centers are all custom made. Here is a shapely floating media center. A flat screen tv will be going above it. Custom area rug ties in all the colors of the room and features metallic threads.


Dining Room

Microsuede and vinyl dining set

Shapely dining set



Matching window treatmemts

Custom kitchen bar stools

Custom kitchen furniture

Perfectly coordinated

Custom kitchen cornice

Custom cornice with silk threads

Custom woven cornice

Custom dining room from The Contemporary Couch

Sectional, custom rug, coffee table and window cornice

Client's Own Words:

Hi Pia and Larry,
Just want to say thanks a million. All I can say is I'm in love. It was truly love at first site.  From wonderful Pia and Larry to the spectacular showroom.  Not only do I have a beautiful home thanks to them, but I have two new amazing friends.

My home is breath taking. It is not look but don't actually can enjoy the furniture. I'm very daring and then I met the furniture store of my dreams.  Exciting, striking and classy. I could go on forever.

Just see for yourself is amazing. The showroom and Pia's talent are indescribable. Excellent would be putting it mildly!!!!  I can hardly wait for the next step in my home to be worked on with 'The Contemporary Couch.'
Carol and Jimmy, Staten Island, NY


We hope you enjoyed viewing this special client home. What separates our website form others is we use actual homes to display our furniture. Not standard catalogue photos.

If you would like to view additional homes, please click on to any of those below. These are only a sampling of the work we do. Each page provides you with before photos, room plans, and the completion photos. In addition we provide information about the client and the reasons behind the design plan.

We understand some of the homes are extraordinary, but please realize we design any space from studio apartments, to grand estates. All of of our clients have one common theme. They love creative contemporary furniture. They love working with Pia, a professional designer whose stunning creativity and passion for shape and color are unique to the home furnishings marketplace. They love our complimentary in-home design service.

Most importantly, they love shopping in a family owned business that appreciates the uniqueness of our clientele, and values their homes as they do. We appreciate everyones' business and we hope to earn the chance to design your entire home, or to help you select the perfect accessory.

Enjoy the rest of our site, call us or e-mail us and please stop in to our beautiful showroom and let us explain our passion for our company.

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Please visit our showroom soon to see the designs in person. 

The Contemporary Couch Design Group featuring artistic interior design by Pia
231 Route 4
Paramus, NJ 07652

P: 201-226-0011 / F: 201-226-0014
The Contemporary Couch Design Studio at 231 Route 4, Paramus, NJ serves your interior design needs.  Living rooms, Dining rooms, Custom rugs, personalized touches are all inside our exciting interior design showroom.  Visit The Contemporary Couch Design Studio today!" alt="The Contemporary Couch Design Studio at 231 Route 4, Paramus, NJ serves your interior design needs.  Living rooms, Dining rooms, Custom rugs, personalized touches are all inside our exciting interior design showroom.  Visit The Contemporary Couch Design Studio today!

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