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We could talk about ourselves and our company all day. What really matters is the opinions of our clients. People just like you who want something a little bit special for their home. They were tired of the selections the typical furniture store offers.

Our clients are demanding in life and desire unique looks for their home. They don't settle for automated phones, boring designs and uncaring salespeople. They want to shop where the furniture and accessories are outstanding and creative, they want to shop where they could talk to the owners anytime, and they want to shop where they feel appreciated.

They chose to shop with us;

'The Contemporary Couch'

These are their words:

Sarasota, Florida

"This is the third home we have designed with Pia. I always say after each delivery;
this is my favorite...but...This one is magical. The electric recliners are so smooth they seem to open on their own. The Italian craftsmanship is superior! Pia gets better with age. Every time I visit my sisters home in NJ, I always visit The Contemporary Couch. There's always something stunning. Far superior to Florida stores. Personal services and great prices!"

24" height from leg hides electric headrests and electric recliners!

The electric recliners are so smooth they seem to open on their own. The Italian craftsmanship is superior!

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

"Everything you picked for us is so outstanding. We are thankful for all your thoughts, ideas and experience. We felt so happy when everything was set up and you should feel very proud of yourself."

Custom kitchen, bar stools
Viewing room with recliners
Sofas, matching swivel chairs and custom rug
Sofas, matching swivel chairs and custom rug
Custom wall sculpture with shelf
Elegant dining


Monroe, New Jersey

"Everything is perfect! We will recommend all our friends and neighbors to you....and that's a lot of people."

Custom Living Room

Carmel, New York

"Oh my God! It is gorgeous! You are a true artist! I love it!   You have made my home so beautiful! It is perfect!
Thank you!"

Stunning cornice, sofa, rug



Old Bridge, New Jersey

"Finding The Contemporary Couch was a blessing from God. Pia's unique designs exceeded our expectations! From design concept to delivery, Pia was a class act. Thanks to Pia, we had a wonderful shopping experience, and now we have the home of our dreams!"

What we design

Dramatic color selection. Perfectly coordinated custom area rug and mirror, curved leather sectional and leather swivel chair.

Long Beach, New York
"My experience with The Contemporary Couch has been wonderful.  They designed furniture for both my homes. The first being a Manhattan apartment and more recently a beach residence. After a thorough measurement of my space and a lengthy discussion of my beach wants and needs, combined with Pia's recommendations and expertise, the transition of  my home began. We worked with The Contemporary Couch to select bedroom, living room, dining room, and sitting area furniture that was custom fit to my space.Rich textured fabrics, distressed wood, lacquer, and metals were expertly selected and coordinated to capture the essence of the beach shoreline.  The patience, professionalism, knowledge, and personalized service that I received transformed my space into a "coastal beach oasis". Thanks to The Contemporary Couch I'm thrilled with my new home."

Italian leather sectional

Our best selling Italian leather sectional features dual power recliners for the perfect relaxing moments. Our most comfortable American Made swivel chair completes the living room. All custom fabrics are used for pillows and chair.


The linear bedroom set from Portugal, features a soft, elegant combination of exotic woods, high gloss lacquers and buttery leathers.

American Made metal dining table and chairs, featuring spectacular base, custom fabric and durable vinyl on the seat.

Columbus, Ohio
"Why would we purchase furniture in New Jersey for my home in Ohio? Pia , Pia, Pia. From design to delivery, a true professional. We love everything!"

Italian fabric sofa trimmed in leather, leather chairs, and our very special rotating glass extension table.

Baltimore, Maryland

"We wish we lived closer so I can shop at The Contemporary Couch every week. Everything we purchased was designed and delivered perfectly. Thank you Pia!"

Our best selling leather sectional combines design and function. Chaise on castors rolls out for extra seating. Beautiful swivel chair covered in designer fabrics complete the setting for now. Stay tuned.

Stunning six seat leather sectional with power recliners. Custom dining room and window seating.

Fabulous furniture!

Custom dining room and window seating.

"Pia and Larry,

Friendship means everything to us! We will always visit as friends, more important than as customers.
We really love the furniture and like you a lot too."

Saratoga, NY

Custom sectional with four power recliners, custom swivel chairs, custom window cornices.
Custom sectional with 4 power recliners, custom swivel chairs, custom window cornices.

"One day late last fall, we left our Central PA home to look for furniture that could not be found in our area. We went to the Paramus area, visiting many stores where most salesmen tried to sell us something.  We stopped at The Contemporary Couch last, by design, where we were welcomed warmly by Pia and Larry. They didn’t try to sell us anything, they asked us what we were looking for, and then after a series of questions, answers and bantering back and forth, the results are now in our Great Room.   

Pia knew what we were looking for even when we couldn’t visualize it.  She is an extraordinary decorator with a perceptive knack of finding your styles and likings. She helped with paint colors and carpet suggestions. We now have one of those rooms where people walk in and say “WOW”. Everything is stunningly beautiful! Our dining room will be next!"

Fleetwood, PA

Fort Lee, NJ

Two facing curved leather sectionals accented with 2 teal swivel chairs.Two facing curved leather sectionals accented with 2 teal swivel chairs.

Edison, NJ

Three power recliners AND a power chaise. Two tone leather combination, high backs and extreme comfort add to the design.

Paramus, NJ

Curves and color. Our most comfortable curved sectional is featured twice in this room, covered in the softest of two-tone leathers. Colorful silk pillows add color to the room and coordinate perfectly with the custom area rug. The open floor plan allows Pia to design the kitchen chairs in the same color scheme.

Comfortable curved sectional is featured twice in this room, covered in the softest of two-tone leathers


An extraordinary kitchen off the family room calls for a beautiful coordination of color and texture. One room's colors flow into the next. Adjustable height counter stools feature a colorful fabric and a metallic blue vinyl. The dining chairs feature a coordinate with the same metallic vinyl. All trimmed in stainless steel. An Italian gray stripe marble table completes the setting.

Adjustable height counter stools feature a colorful fabric and a metallic blue vinyl


Brand new from Italy! Spectacular eucalyptus dining table with Murano colored glass legs. Suspended buffet in cobalt blue top. One of our newest fabrics in blue, taupe and silver upholstery on the chair tops and seats.

Eucalyptus dining table with Murano colored glass legs.


Just off the main entrance to the home, and setting the design tone for what lies ahead...our top selling curved leather sectional with rolling chaise. Two-tone leather highlights the frame and silk pillows add color. A custom area rug continues the theme of shape and color, and a pair of ottomans in an exclusive metallic fabric completes the setting.

Two-tone leather sofa

Coordinated living and dining space. Custom sectional with swivel-rocker chairs covered in luxurious fabrics.

Coordinated living and dining space. Custom sectional with swivel-rocker chairs covered in luxurious fabrics.

Custom dining room with full display unit. Custom ottoman in center of room to coordinate with sectional.

Custom dining room with full display unit. Custom ottoman in center of room to coordinate with sectional.

       The room looks magnificent! Thank you."

Lakewood, NJ

        Leather sectional with power recliners, custom rug and entertainment center in the family room. 
         Custom bedroom for the brilliant teenager.

Delivered in Spring of 2017, Marlboro, NJ. This hard working and talented family continues to furnish their entire home with us.  Thank you for always coming back to us.

Leather sectional with power recliners.
Entertainment center
Custom built teen bedroom

Custom bedroom

Marlboro, NJ

           Custom rug and sculpture highlight the living room and a floating buffet in the dining room is a true Pia design standout.

Montville, NJ loves life and The Contemporary Couch! Engagement parties, marriages, babies...we've shared every wonderful moment with this beautiful family.

Custom rug and sculpture highlight the living room
Swirly custom rug
Custom sculpture

Montville, NJ

Fort Lee NJ loves their new custom wall unit. Everything floats! Imported from Portugal, the lacquer finish and wood trim combination is exquisite.

Custom wall unit

Chicago loves The Contemporary Couch. Channeled back leather sectional includes power recliners oversized chaise and extreme comfort!

Channeled back leather sectional includes power recliners oversized chaise and extreme comfort!

Pia goes to India. Our loyal friends in NJ move to India and insist on Pia designs for their new home.

Designs for a home in India

Extraordinary Custom Rug-hand drawn by Pia
        One of a kind in the world!

Extraordinary Custom Rug-hand drawn by Pia

Montville, NJ

Custom area rug with coordinated pillows.

Custom area rug with coordinated pillows.

Montville, NJ

Custom round leather sectional with imported custom entertainment center.

Custom round leather sectional with imported custom entertainment center.

Boyton Beach, FL

Custom wall unit in contrasting woods and high gloss European lacquer.

Custom wall unit in contrasting woods and high gloss European lacquer.

Monroe, NJ


"Dear Pia and Larry.

As a child, the one thing I always cherished was coming home after school and before walking into my house you could Custom living room and rug smell mom and grandmas cooking. Everything was perfect when I would here the garage door open because that meant my dad was home and yes dinner was only moments away. But what I learned as I got older was that it was not how much food there was or what we we're eating. It was that importance of the family gathering at the dining room table after a long day. Together we sat, no words needed to be spoken but the one thing that was a defining factor was that we were all together. I got so much joy last night seeing Diane and Shanna sitting at the pub table in the kitchen eating cake and laughing and you can see the joy and pleasure they were experiencing. The entire mood and temperature of the apartment had changed. Tonight, for the first time in more than a year we sat together at our new dining table and enjoyed dinner together. No folding trays, a real table and chairs with family sitting together that could only bring back those warm memories of years before Hurricane Sandy and going back to my childhood. Last night, I sat down on our beautiful new couch at around 11pm  and I woke up at 6am this morning realizing that it was the first time I was comfortable in our new place.

So today I looked around and I am seeing how happy my family is. I'm seeing the change in moods and I'm seeing the change from being in a new place to being home. Yes this has been a long tough journey but life is always a journey.  My mom would always say everything happens for a reason. So with all that has happened, My mom passing away, hurricane Sandy, and selling our home we were blessed to meet and become friends with the both of you. Your kindness, generosity and support have been incredible. Pia and Larry you put my family back on track by transformIng our home into something so magnificent and unbelievable I just wish everyone could see this master piece you have created.

We were blessed to have found the both of you and there is no doubt that people who come from Canarsie are always great people. For everything you have done for our family we wish the both of you and your family the very best. As my mom would have said you are both menschen and may God continue to bless the both of you and your families.
All of our love."

Brooklyn, NY  September 2016


Hi Pia,Custom dining

My wife and I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did in designing our dining room set for us.  It is beautiful, unique and has dramatically enhanced our apartment.  We've had the dining room set for a week now, and we are still constantly staring at it.  We're very glad that we found you and hope to do business again with you in the future.   We will happily refer business your way.  Best of luck to you.




Forest Hills, NY  October 2016


"Dear Pia

As you are aware, we have a two bedroom apartment in Manhattan that was destroyed by a broken steam pipe. All Curvy couch and custom rug
furniture was ruined and had to be replaced. Going through the process of identifying and acquiring all new furniture was a daunting thought. The last time it took us many months; and it was certainly not without issue. Then we happened to stop by your store, and we were surprised to see that there were so many floor samples that we more than liked. We came back a few weeks later, and spent a day with you designing all our new furniture. The ability of identifying furniture for a Bedroom, Office, Living Room and Dining Room in one visit was beyond our wildest dreams! The furniture was delivered last week, and it looks beautiful. Your professionalism in helping us in the decision making process, as well as your on-site help in the installation is truly appreciated.

Thank you for all your help, and we look forward to coming back to The Contemporary Couch for all our future furniture needs."

NYC, NY  September 2016


"Pia, I love it! Thank you very much. It's beautiful!"

Tenafly, NJ  August 2016.




"Pia, I just wanted to share that my new living room is spectacular. Your expertise truly captured the rich modern look I envisioned. Thank you."

New York, NY, June 2016.



"Everything is beautiful. We love it!"

Ramsey, NJ, June 2016.



"We're very happy!"

Palm Coast, FL, June 2016.



We want everyone to know that this is no ordinary furniture store. Pia and Larry just don't treat you like family they make you part of their family. We recently moved from our home to a Coop in Brooklyn. We had no furniture and we had no idea where to go. My wife found these wonderful people on line and we went to their showroom. We were greeted like family and Pia and Larry just took it to another level. They took everything  we had in our heads and designed a living room, dining room and kitchen table set that will be the envy of all. Pia is an artist, she knows not just what you want but what you need. We were in the store for hours until Pia got everything  on paper and made sure it was perfect. But the story doesn't stop there, we showed Pia and Larry pictures of our new place. Boxes piled to the ceiling not an inch of space and that's when Pia and Larry turned to us and said "are you kidding us. You guys are sitting on folding chairs?" We explained that we took no furniture with us but Pia and Larry said your not sitting on folding chairs for two months until your furniture is ready. These two wonderful people had a brand new sectional couch delivered to our home to use until the furniture we were ordering is ready. But this just gets better, when Pia emailed the measurements to us we were really unsure if the dining room table would be the right size. Pia told us to throw out our measurements and she would be coming to our home to look everything  over herself. Yes, and that's what she did.

We were blessed to have connected with Pia and Larry they are just incredible , caring and loving individuals that are truly special and talented. They even sent flowers to our home for our daughter's High School Prom. As we said, just incredible  beautiful people and we consider them family. The show room at The Contemporary Couch Design Studio is magnificent. If you truly want an experience  that will take it to the next level you must must visit Pia and Larry. You will not be disappointed and you will soon come to the same conclusion s that we have, they are the very best. Pia and Larry we love you guys. We hope we continue to stay in touch for many years to come. 

Brooklyn, New York


"Pia ,
You are the best designer and number one custom made furniture store in New Jersey. We want to thank  for you for taking good care of our  family.You made everything not just so perfect  but you have exceeded our expectations. Our house is looking so beautiful like I always dreamt of. My dream house is no more a dream house you made it reality .Thanks you so much for everything."  Monroe, NJ, May 2016

"Pia ,you are the best designer and number one custom made furniture store in New Jersey. We want to thank  for you for taking good care of our  family.You made everything not just so perfect  but you have exceeded our expectations. Our house is looking so beautiful like I always dreamt of. My dream house is no more a dream house you made it reality .Thanks you so much for everything."  Monroe, NJ, May 2016


 "LUVVVVVVVE the couch."

Monsey, New York
May 2016





Bethlehem, PA May 2016


"The room looks great!"








Gilford, CT
May 2016






"Thanks to you Pia, I feel like I'm living a fairytale. You put so much heart and soul into making our living room into one like no's just breathtaking!!!Drama...Design...Distinction
 Words cannot express my gratitude...your creativity, attention to detail and thoughtfulness is truly astounding!!! You have my friendship always... And that you can post on your website because it is from the heart!
 Thank you for your love, kindness and generosity. I am never moving! I will always give you the reins to let your imagination go wild because the results are beyond my wildest dreams."




Please click here for Client Home #172, Butler, NJ


"We feel blessed to have found Pia and Larry, and we feel blessed for our beautiful furniture."Drama...Design...Distinction





Please click here for Client Home #171, Easton, PA




"Pia,Custom curvy dining room table and chairs
The table and chair have been delivered just a while ago. It's very lovely and looks great. We want to thank you very much for your hard work."


Staten Island, NY
May, 2016



"Dear Pia –
Wanted to thank you a few times over for helping us with our home decorating projects. You first came to Reclining sectionalour aid a few years ago when you “rescued” us from another designer who not only cheated us, but also disappointed us to the point we thought we were doomed to cookie cutter department store furniture!

Not only did you embellish the design, but the furniture, rug, and valences you created for us made our rooms unique and inviting.

We came back to you recently to update a previously done room. Again your insight and honesty were much appreciated. You helped us identify our own style and keep things simple, even when we were willing to spend more! As time goes on, I’m sure we will visit you many times over to slowly refresh every room. Even if it’s not to buy furniture, we plan to visit at least to enjoy engaging conversation and indulge in the creativity of your showroom!

Thanks to you and Larry for helping us be confident in our choices and helping our visions become reality!"


"Pia, My room looks absolutely magnificent! I can't stop looking at it. The colors are so perfect, it's amazing! Thank you so much."Curvy and classy


Monroe, NY



"Thank you Pia and Larry for our beautiful living room. Pia gets to know the client and the project. Then, with uncanny attention to detail, proceeds to transform a bare room into a practical and stylish space.
   'The Contemporary Couch' is for the client who wants a clean, crisp and comfortable environment for friends and family"attention to detail, proceeds to transform a bare room into a practical and stylish space.


Columbia, SC




"I love my new furniture!" 


Paramus, NJ




"Pia and Larry,
  We want to thank both of you for taking such good care of our family. We haven't had many great experiences over the past few years, and the last 6 months have been difficult. You made everything so perfect yesterday and we felt confident and satisfied. We cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for us just by making sure we were taken care of like family."

Your new clients and friends,
Brooklyn, NY


"Hi  Pia,
Thank you for the beautiful write up and pics, but most of all, THANK YOU for your wonderful insight on knowing exactly what your clients needs are and for fulfilling them with style and grace. "


Please click here for Client Home #170, Sarasota, FL


"I love it, l love it,  I love it!"



"Pia is a great designer. She helped my husband and I agree on furniture that suits both our our taste. A great visionary of how to use space. Great customer service!"



Please click here for Client Home #163, Watchung, NJ


"Hi Pia and Larry,

      We had our house rebuilt 3 years ago with intentions of buying new furniture to go with it! We had very specific criteria but vague styling ideas as to what we wanted, so we weren't so eager to get this chore accomplished. Luckily we found your website and immediately upon meeting you, felt confident you can get this job done for us!  Well, it seemed like a blink of an eye, we had all our furniture, colors and patterns finalized. In the next blink of an eye, our rooms are transformed into a beautiful, comfortable place to enjoy for many years to come.

     All I can say is that it was a pleasure to have our expectations be exceeded.  What else can we ask for!!!!
     Thank you so much."

Berkeley Heights, NJ


Please click here for Client Home #168, Berkeley Heights, NJ


"Twelve years ago you made our home beautiful. When we felt it was time to renovate and redecorate, we knew we could trust you to do the job. You outdid yourself. The family room is comfortable, but stylish. It's my living room I can't believe. From the paint colors, to the tile on the fireplace, to the innovative sitting area and finally to the beautiful sectional. I can't believe this is my home!"

Teaneck, NJ


"Thank you Pia...we love everything and will be in soon to do the rest!"

Paramus, NJ


"Hi Pia,

It's a daunting task shopping custom-made furniture overseas. With not much more than floor plan, measurements, and just our brief interaction, you were able to understand our needs and translate that into a lovely masterpiece of a home from thousands of miles away.

You proved yourself quite the designer.

Your pieces have all our friends here in awe - actually I think lots of them pay more attention to the pieces than our conversations. Lol!!

They can't get over the window treatments and shape of the seats. The seats are so unique and it's amazing how comfortable they are. The coordination with the mirror and other items - breathtaking.

Thanks for helping us create a visual and functional haven."

Port Harcourt, Nigeria



Pia, Bold Ultrasuede pillows bring life to the room, and a spectacular custom area rug completes this unique design statement
"We love everything, and so do all of our visitors. Thank you for everything."

V. & N. S. Bonita Springs, Florida





Please click here for Client Home #167, Bonita Springs, FL



"The furniture is beautiful. We love everything!" New York, NYBold Ultrasuede pillows bring life to the room, and a spectacular custom area rug completes this unique design statement




Please click here for Client Home #166, New York, NY


"Oh Pia. The couches are absolutely breathtaking. Not quite done yet but everyone is already in awe. My home looks so different."

E. O. Nigeria
            May 2015


"Pia, thank you so much for the great craftsmanship and class on your furniture. I will be back for more soon, I'm redoing mAwesome dining roomy basement. Thanks again"


A. and Y. T.
Newark, NJ


Hi Pia,

"Will and I wanted to thank you and Larry for all your help!  We absolutely love our couch and are enjoying our new apartment so much more because of it. Thank you, again, for an all around wonderful furniture shopping experience!"


M. & W. R. Jersey City, NJ
May 2015


Facebppk J.V. Staten Island  May 2015 posted on The Contemporary Couch Design Studio featuring artistic designs by Pia's timeline:

"After 3 months of furniture shopping all over the Tristate area we finally found the right pieces at contemporary couch. It's not because we looked everywhere and finally made a decision it's because we fell into the right place. As soon as we walked into this store we knew that we loved their quality and style. On top of that they offered a service that we didn't come accross anywhere else. Pia and Larry came to our home and provided us with interior decorating advice! What furniture store does that? Once the pieces came in we were extremely happy and satisfied with the look and the quality. They were always available to answer any questions we had and their delivery service is outstanding. Prompt and efficient. Hands down one of the best decisions and purchases we've ever made. Im pleasantly surprised that this type of service and quality still exists, and it's at Contemporary Couch!!"


"We first met Pia 15 years ago at Living Rooms Plus where she designed our living room, family room, and dining room. We followed her to Carlstadt and now to Paramus.Beautiful leather sectional. The unique channeled back gives support to your neck and shoulders. The electric motion recliners relax you, and the dual cup holders hold your favorite beverage. All covered in a luxurious but durable 2 tone leather.

I've loved all of her work. I was reluctant to re-do my family room but my husband convinced me after 15 years it was time. After all, anyone that can design custom dining chairs with Swarovski crystals is dear to my heart.

This time, Pia outdid herself. From the sumptuous motion leather sectional, to the custom area rug to the custom cabinetry, our family room is now a sight to behold. Soft neutral colors allows the beauty  of design stand out. Some people think beiges and creams are boring...not when Pia gets finished. Pia was in my home for the entire 6 hour installation.

For 15 years I have never bought anything for my home that wasn't from Pia and Larry, and I am proud of our friendship and I loves everything in my home!"

P. and C C. New Rochelle, NY

Please click here for Client Home #161, New Rochelle, NY


"Our family moved to Manhattan, into a 3 bedroom/2,000 sq. ft. apartment from 8,000 sq. ft. of living space, for our first taste of urban living. We researched furniture stores around the city, Northern NJ and CT. We stopped searching when we found Pia’s ‘The Contemporary Couch.’ Pia guided us through the We highly recommend ‘The Contemporary Couch’ because of their unique blend of services, which include interior design and high quality custom furniture, as well as many well-known brands."design and selection of furniture for our entire apartment and, more than that, helped us reset our expectations from suburban living to the compromises needed to live in 25% of the space we used to have. We never felt pressured into any decisions, and in fact Pia traveled three times to our apartment, first to measure, take pictures and create design patterns (some of the walls are uniquely curved) and then twice more when the furniture was delivered. She took her time to explain our options and did not hesitate to suggest some furniture pieces from her competitors when she felt they would be our best option. The custom furniture, rugs, mirrors and decorative pieces look great and have enhanced our place. We highly recommend ‘The Contemporary Couch’ because of their unique blend of services, which include interior design and high quality custom furniture, as well as many well-known brands."

Gonzales Family, NYC


"The most beautiful furniture store I have ever seen"

Famous Meteorologist


We are so thrilled with our beautiful purchases!! Every piece of furniture, window treatments, rug designs along with your color suggestions is amazing and I am so happy I listened to you! We just had our Holiday party and everyone asked "where do you shop?" People can't believe that you came out from NJ to see and design and then came back for delivery! The experience of working with you and Larry is the most professional, friendly and painless customer service and support I have ever experienced! This wasn't the first time we have worked together but you continue to amaze me with your talent. This house is so different from our other home and you always put it all together and make it our home! Thank you for your all you do and especially for the wonderful friendship we have developed! We can't thank you enough! Happy Holidays and Best in the New Year!"

Mary and Matt P., Latroube, PA


Good morning Pia, Larry & Alex,
    "Where shall we begin as we attempt to describe one of the best happenings in our life? It all started last Custom for the game!August after we had closed on our "new" condo. Having always liked a modern look, we started combing the highway furniture stores for that look, but to no avail. Although we're not computer savvy, a friend suggested that we check on-line for "modern furniture." Sure enough what should appear but a place called 'The Contemporary Couch', just the words we wanted to hear. So we took a field trip to Carlstadt. 
    Every piece of furniture we now have in our living/dining area is outstanding and unique, not to mention the special area rugs and Bold, contemporary stylingwindow treatments. Our condo is a work in progress, a "job" that we hope never ends because Pia and Larry have become such an integral part of our life.
    Pia and Larry, thank you for helping us transform our living space into a New York-like apartment. (We love New York!) Thank you for your immediate attention and responses to our concerns and questions. Thank you for your generosity in accessorizing our place.  Thank you for making us feel at home in your world. You are a very remarkable and special couple.  We love you!"
Edna and Don C. Wayne, NJ

Please click here to see the entire quote and additional photos of this exciting 'artistic' condo from Client Home #87.



Good Morning. Hope all is well. Sorry, I did not getBedroom furniture  to see you yesterday. But saw the furniture last night when I came home." Woooooo.......w". That was the first thing I said when I saw it. Truly that was a marvelous job done. Both me and my wife could not believe how nice the things came out. We just could not believe that we own such nice pieces of bedroom furniture. We have been to so many furniture stores but never felt so happy and satisfied with our purchase as we did yesterday. Both you and Larry did a terrific job right from the measurements to design to color selection and finally to install. We just don't have any words to explain our feelings. Boys will be coming home next weekend and we are sure that they are going to love it too. We want to THANK YOU for putting life in our bedrooms

D and G J. Somerset, NJ October 2014



"My husband found 'The Contemporary Couch' by searching on line and we took a trip out to New Jersey on a whim (we live on Long Island). One of the best 4 power incliners and adjustable headrestsdecisions we ever made!

We were hit very hard by hurricane sandy. Our family room on the ground floor was completely destroyed. Rebuilding was a nightmare as well as we were constantly misled and disappointed by contractors and repairman. When the construction in the room was finished and it was time to furnish it we were daunted by the task. But along came Pia and Larry from Contemporary Couch and we were put completely at ease. Pia has magnificent taste and incredible talent. She was able to catch on quickly to our tastes and personalities and took the time to make sure we were on exactly the same page. She was straight up with us from the beginning both in terms of cost and completion dates. There were no "hidden fees," no "unexpected delays" and no "unforeseen circumstances" as we had experienced regularly with other sales people.

Pia and Larry were present when the furniture was delivered and ran the show. I was blown away by the finished product as it was even more beautiful than I expected (and my expectations were high!). The quality and comfort of the couches, the beauty of the rug and mirror and the functionality of every piece (the tables, vases, etc.) was beyond impressive. I find myself walking into the room regularly just to smile and look forward to many years of family enjoyment and friend entertaining.

I must say that I have never dealt with such straight-up people. When they shook my hand on day one I had a good feeling. Our last meeting ended with hugs. I will use these people again and again and I recommend them whole heartedly. I could not be more pleased."

S & A and family
Please click here for Client Home #156, Hewlett, Long Island


"Pia, I cannot believe you pulled it off! I'm shocked it came out beautiful. I was prepared to be disappointed as I was in previous Custom swirled rug, coffee and end tables, sofa and swivel chairexperiences. I'm totally surprised that my home came out great. I've used designers for many homes over the years and hated everything they did. I was not using a designer again! When I saw your work in a neighbor's home and came into your showroom, I weakened. I still thought you would sell me something you liked but I didn't. Well, you finally proved me wrong! I love all of it. You are in a separate category of designers in my book. ."

MF, Cliffside Park, NJ


"Pia and Larry, The Contemporary Couch designs are fully satisfying and truly amazing. We love it!"
Our hand made patented window cornices add drama and creativity to any room. Look how the gentle blending of the threads and the wavy pattern add to the design originality of the room. Two swivel chairs finish the settingThank you, Three Nurses in Paramus





Please click here for Client Home #165, Paramus, NJ




"To Pia and Larry
I am very happy with my new vase. Your generousity and thoughtfulness is highly appreciated .Looking forward to get my window treatment"

Best regards!!!
Odette (Bronx NY)


"We received our dining room today and we love it! We will be in soon for new living roomImported from Italy....marble dining table with 8 leather chairs. Full length leather wrapped mirror completes the setting. furniture." D.V. Manalapan, NJ March 2015


"We had an absolutely wonderful experience! After ordering our pieces in NJ, we moved to Indianapolis uneCustom hand made window cornicesxpectedly. Pia made the delivery process seamless. Our furniture compliments our new house beautifully!"

L.K. and family
Indianapolis, IN
February 2015



"The cornices turned out fantastically beautiful! Thank you again for a successful product and a happy customer.Custom hand made window cornices

                                      S. B., Decatur, IL


"Pia,Custom living room from The Contemporary Couch in Paramus, NJ
Thank you for everything. We are enjoying all of our furniture. We love it!




Please click here for Client Home #164, New York, NY


"Love it!Everything is beautiful"
D. S. Colonia, NJ





"Love it!Magnificent! Love, love, love it! Sgt. Pepper agrees!!"
M. and J. Toms River, NJ





"We are speechless. It is more beautiful than we could have imagined. We will be back after New Years to complete the family room and the party area. The colors are perfect!" Mr. and Mrs. H,
Watchung, NJ December 2014



Please click here for Client Home #163, Livingston, NJ


"We would be so proud to have you photograph our home when it is completed. We couldn't be happier with all you have done to make our home exactly as we imagined. Give our regards to that 'behind the scenes guy' and again Thank You, Thank You, Thank You." JP, Cedar Grove, NJ2 winding sectionals, floating in air to show off all views. Covered in a rich cotton print, surrounded by a cream microfiber, with the seat covered in an exquisite cream leather. All are set off by a uniquely shaped custom area rug, in threads of cream, taupe and black metallic


"Pia, Thank you for making my home beautiful. The store is amazing filled with ones of a kind pieces. I wish I could buy everything."

D.Z. Englewood, NJ Oct. 2014


"Pia, Everything looks great! Thank you."







A. T. Upper Saddle River, NJ



"When we first walked into 'The Contemporary Couch'Custom leather section, area rug and swivel rockers from The Contemporary Couch, we knew this was our place. From the moment we purchased to the day of delivery, everything was handled in a professional and caring way."

C and J G., Demarest, NJ


After Hurricane Sandy devastated this wonderful couple, and forced them to live in a motel for over a year, they chose Pia to design their entire re-built home.
"Pia,"Beautiful!  Beautiful! Beautiful! It is stunning. It has been a pleasure working with you!"

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! It is stunning. It has been
a pleasure working with you!"

M and J F. Toms River

"Pia, Custom leather section, area rug and swivel rockers from The Contemporary Couch
I am thrilled! I will buy more. Warm transitional taste."


Exotic orchid alligator vinyl covers the shapely headboard, and a coordinated Ultrasuede salmon dresses the footboard. Oversized night tables, on high shapely supports, complete the sleeping area

"OMG!!!! Just jaw dropping gorgeous!!! The room is amazing!!! Can't wait to get started on the next room...You are truly phenomenal!" Lisa R., May 2014

Please click here for Client Home #158, Butler, NJ


"You can't believe this place! I can get the exact colors and design of the rug I want. Pia draws right in front of you. I thought hit was going to be too expensive from the photos on the website, but I went in and was shocked at how reasonable the prices were for custom. The accessories and furniture are all unique and beautiful. You must go in."

Sandy J. Haskell, NJ


Custom fabrics, and Manhattan size requirements make these designs unique"Love my furniture! Pia and Larry did a fantastic job from the beginning to the very end. They truly care about their customers and made this buying experience a very pleasurable one. Pia was very patient with me and sent hours designing my furniture until I was happy. Their customer service was outstanding. This was not my first time purchasing furniture from 'The Contemporary Couch' and it won't be my last. Thanks again for the excellent service. I will highly recommend you to anyone looking for fashionable and well made furniture."

Constance from NYC


"We have been entertaining in our home and have Custom living room furniture with coordinating ruggotten nothing but praise and awe over our new and unique dining room and living room furniture! We just love the way the rooms flow together and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We are so happy that we met you and had the opportunity to design and create what we really wanted."

J & P F. Richboro, Pa.
Nov. 2013


Stunning white leather tufted section with custom cornice
"Thank you so much for everything. Great quality furniture and outstanding service. We love our furniture!!!!"
A and J T. Elizabeth, NJ 2-14


Dear Pia,

It is amazing how quickly you read me and understood Love for Pia!the feeling I was trying to achieve in our home. Paul and I love the sofa, rugs, mirrors and pillows and are amazed how these few new items completely changed the look of our family room and dining room.  Your artistic talents are extraordinary and so is your kindness. Your successful effort to make sure everything was in place before our very special celebration was so appreciated.  Thank you for making the process and the end result such a pleasure.
Carol and Paul N., Wayne, NJ

Please click here for Client Home #155, Wayne, NJ



Dear Pia and Larry,

Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement. May the Custom, angled sofas with coordinating rug
good Lord bless you and may 2014 be full of happiness, health and success."

Please click here for Client Home #154, Paramus, NJ

G and R K. Paramus, NJ


"OMG !!! Just jaw dropping gorgeous !!! The room is amazing !!! The second room has some tough competition ... Can't wait to get started :) Ty Ty Ty my friend ... You are truly phenomenal !"

Lisa R. 12-3-13


"Dear Pia and Larry:

I do not think that you can forget us as we had the tiny little out of the way house that I am sure you ever put your designs in, but we do have to say that both of you have been the warmest and down to earth people that we have worked with in all of our married life (43) years.

We wish you only the very best, and if we ever get a brand new house (maybe in the next life) you have the job."

Kathy and Donald S. Palisades Park, NJ 11-26-2013



"Dear Pia and Larry:
Martha and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help thus far in furnishing our home.

The mirror, over which we had significant doubts, turned out to be beautiful….and it fits right like you said. The chairs for the little sitting area in our room are beautiful, comfortable and practical. We are very happy with all of our choices and we thought you’d like to know.

Best regards and a Very Happy Thanksgiving to you."

Alfredo and Martha G. NYC 11-27-13



   I want to thank you again for keeping this piece in Elegant sofa with matching coffee tableexcellent condition until I was ready to go. The delivery men were great and I had forgotten how beautiful this sofa was until they set it in place in my still not ready living room.

   It would be my pleasure to recommend you to others who will undoubtedly admire this piece. Wishing you and yours a Blessed Thanksgiving and beyond!"

FP Brooklyn, NY


P: "Its not what I expected. I knew for sure I was walking out with nothing! But Pia calmed my fears and I Custom made individual piecebecame receptive to her ideas.  I can't picture things finished like my wife can, but it all looks great.  We have completed the second room and invited Pia to come over and design the third and fourth rooms even before we called the architect.  My father had great taste and would have loved the showroom and gotten along great with Pia!"

L: "I would recommend anyone and everyone to have this service by Pia and Larry done in their home.  We visited many furniture stores and had an awful designer mismeasure in the past, so I was extremely nervous about this.  Pia guided us and swayed us away from things that were not right for us, gently.  I love my home and will have Pia design each room as we renovate each room until our entire house is complete.  And now my husband is completely on board because he loves the way it turned out. (He also likes how many 'Made in America' products they proudly produce and carry.)"

P&L, Upper Saddle River, NJ
Please click here for more from Client Home #151


   Our chaise was delivered yesterday and it's absolutely stunning. Thank you for designing such a beautiful chaise. Hope to see you soon to order the dining table."

D and X,
Jersey City, NJ
October 2013



   We are so thrilled with our beautiful purchases!! Every Beautiful custom designspiece of furniture, window treatments, rug designs  along with your color suggestions is amazing and I am so happy I listened to you!

    We just had our Holiday party and everyone asked "where do you shop?"  People can't believe that you came out from NJ to see and design and then came back for delivery! The experience of working with you and Larry is the most professional, friendly and painless customer service and support I have ever experienced!

    This wasn't the first time we have worked together but you continue to amaze me with your talent.   This house is so different from our other home and you always put it all together and make it our home!

   Thank you for your all you do and especially for the wonderful friendship we have developed!
   We can't thank you enough!

   Happy Holidays and Best in the New Year!"
Mary and Matt P., Latroube, PA

Please click here for more from Client Home #142


Dear Pia and Larry,

    Just last night we were sitting in our living room We are using a five piece curved sectional commenting on how warm and cozy it feels. We truly appreciate your phenomenal ideas and flawless execution. Your attention to detail and fabulous advice has brought our living room and dining room to life. The designs are not only beautiful to look at, but they are functional and comfortable, as well. Our Uncle commented that he felt like a king sitting in the plush chairs at the head of our dining room table! We had a great experience with both of you and continue to recommend you to all of our family and friends.


Frank and Michelle, Staten Island, NY


"Pia and Larry,
    I never thought I would fall in love again at 50! On the dayElegant and comfortable love seat with rounded upholstered sides of my delivery, as more and more pieces were being brought in to my new home, I could not believe how beautiful everything was. I will continue purchasing from 'The Contemporary Couch' until every spot in my new home is complete. I love you guys and thanks for making all my dreams come true!"

J and F D. Warren, NJ

Please click here for more from Client Home #137


"It is frankly amazing to see how Pia listened to our ideas, putHigh stainless steel legs support a minimalist design featuring perforated leather back cushions, and individual multi-positional headrests together a design and brought it to life in such beautiful and exquisite manner. 

The island's stools, the kitchen dining set, the cocktail table and the cornices are magnificent and are the right supporting cast to the show stoppers: the couch and the absolutely gorgeous rug!

To Pia and Larry, our sincere thank you for an excellent and well done job. We look forward to working together again on our living and dining rooms.

Merry Christmas and the best to you in the New Year."

Love, Kenia and Raul, Center Moriches, Long Island

Please click here for more from Client Home #143


P: "Its not what I expected. I knew for sure I was walking out with nothing! But Pia calmed my fears and I became receptive to her ideas. I can't picture things finished like my wife can, but it all looks great. We have completed the second room and invited Pia to come over and design the third and fourth rooms even before we called the architect. My father had great taste and would have loved the showroom and gotten along great with Pia! L: "I would recommend anyone and everyone to have this service by Pia and Larry done in their home. We visited many furniture stores and had an awful designer mismeasure in the past, so I was extremely nervous about this. Pia guided us and swayed us away from things that were not right for us, gently. I love my home and will have Pia design each room as we renovate each room until our entire house is complete. And now my husband is completely on board because he loves the way it turned out. (He also likes how many 'Made in America' products they proudly produce and carry.)

Please click here for more from Client Home #151


"Pia, I was looking for 3 years to find what I wanted.....and now I have it. Next we will do the entrance and then move upstairs to master bedroom. We are very happy with how coordinated it looks. Thank you."
D and F P. Paramus, NJ


Dear Pia and Larry, Circle, curves, coordination

We first approached you when we were trying to figure out how to furnish our home. We were flummoxed. You came to our home, looked at the spaces and colors, and created designs for us to view.
We were very pleased with what you presented, as the geometry and colors of our house were not easily amenable to proper furnishing.

We are very impressed and glad with the results and excited with future projects. We thank you for all the time and effort you have put forth. We have replaced most of our ikea furniture with your beautiful designs, and we highly recommend your work to anyone looking for elegant, artistic and contemporary furniture.

Annette, Beau, and Anna (a couple with the perfect DNA for Pia's design)

Please click here for more from Client Home #141


About a hundred years ago, when I was a small boy in grade school, my class supply list said, “crayons.” So, like mostCustom design parents, my mother came home from the local drug store with the 39 cent pack of 8 Crayola colors. And, upon meeting the needs of the list, I was a happy camper - until I got to school the next day. There I was with all the other kids and everyone was smiling and showing off their new boxes of 8 crayons and waiting for art class to start, when a little girl classmate of mine pulled out of her book bag a box of 64 Crayola colors. There were colors that I had never heard of before or even knew existed. What the heck is “mauve” and “oh my god, this crayon even has glitter??!!” And to top it all off, like James Bond, the crayon box had a hidden sharpener so that her crayons were always sharp and pointed and could stay within the lines. WOW! Well, we all knew who was going to get the “A” in art class that year!

Walking into “The Contemporary Couch” on Route 4 in Paramus is like finding that box of 64 color Crayolas with the hidden sharpener! First, your eyes are greeted with a display of colors and fabrics and designs that are unlike any other showroom my wife and I visited.

And, unlike some of those other showrooms where sales personnel swoop down on you like prey, Larry and Pia give you a moment to catch your breath, to take it all in, and then they will introduce not only themselves, but also their furniture. And when Larry and Pia introduce their furniture, you will understand that if you are willing to follow the yellow brick road that you are in for a creative and unique experience. You will soon realize that you are not just purchasing “cookie-cutter” furniture guaranteed to be delivered in three days like your neighbors may have, but that you are getting ready to paint the canvas of your house in fabrics and designs and personality that are as exciting and inviting as you, the homeowner.

In addition to the sense of form and function and pizzazz that our new furniture gives me, I was just as impressed with one of the other services that Larry and Pia offer. Pia will personally come to your home during the delivery and like a maestro conducting an orchestra make sure that every piece fits –not just “good enough” but, perfectly!

So, if you are ready to color outside the lines; if you are ready to let your senses be teased and caressed; if you are ready to spend the extra dollar to buy the 64 box of imagination and design; if you are ready to turn your house into a home that reflects a personal expression of who you are, then by all means introduce yourself to Larry and Pia at “The Contemporary Couch” in Paramus! By the way, if you just can’t find the exact color you want in the box of 64, Pia will create one for you.

Do we really live in this place? You have made our dreams come true, and it gets better and better each time we see it and live in it. We’ll try to stop in soon for chat and coffee.

L and M, Baltimore, Maryland

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Dear Pia & Larry,Custom dining table, chairs, sculpture

   Thank you for your kind good wishes.

   We are thrilled to know you and do business with you. Your expertise, talent and eye for detail is to perfection. You have exquisite taste! Therefore, our visits and driving trips from Bethlehem are always enjoyable. ( even if we come close to sleeping over in the store.)
    We wish you and your family a holiday season filled with good health, happiness, peace and joy today and throughout the coming year.

Our heartfelt congratulations on your 1st anniversary at the Paramus location! Mazel-tov!!!!!!!!!! see you soon! You are the best!!!!!!!!

Warmest regards, Aliette & Marc


"Pia, we wanted to take the time to let you know how much we enjoyed working with you throughout the past year. Our house, although structurally sound, was truly a blank Custom living room by Piaslate when you first met us. Your ideas, great taste, and attention to detail turned our house into a warm, well-appointed, functional place to live. One of the nicest and most refreshing things about you and Larry is that you guys are so understandable. You do not subscribe the usual method of traipsing through the merchandise mart for countless hours in search of fabrics, furniture, etc. Initially, you spent time learning my tastes, likes and dislikes. After that, you made it easy by providing me with many choices of furniture pieces, fabrics, etc.; all within my price range and taste requirements. I can assure you that your service made my life much easier! Since we began working together, I have passed your name onto several of our family friends. I know that once they are ready to remodel their homes they will go to you, everybody loves our home! You did a wonderful job and I hope we can work together again in the future.The dining room and living room is next!"-
   Thank you so much, Anny & David

Please click here for more from Client Home #134


To Pia and Larry, Curvy sectional with modern coffee table and custom area rug
    "I wanted to find the perfect words to describe the joy you have placed into our home. You have made our home feel welcoming with a place of contentment within our hearts. The joy that we feel when looking into this magical place has been a feeling that cannot be described but an emotion that exudes pure happiness. I told you we would come back to you for you to decorate our dream home and you guys have made it look dynamic and feel mythical all in one. We were already in love with our new home but you have taken it to another level. Pushing a key in the door has a whole new meaning now. Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts!!!!"
C and RR Lido Beach, Long Island

To see a magnificent dream home come to life:
Please click here for Client Home #94 Lido Beach, Long Island, NY


"We are thrilled with everything!"Beautiful

C and S,Springfield, NJ
Please click here for Client Home #150, Springfield, NJ



Dear Pia, Pretty , swirly couch
"My husband and I started with two very different furniture designs on our heads for our new home. Neither of us could properly articulate our wishes. Several designers later, we met Pia.......jackpot!

She listened and listened and converted our thoughts into furniture options.....voila! We could have real furniture discussions. Pia continued to listen as we refined our furniture thoughts. No more straight jacket on our furniture. She developed unique furniture with a unified vision for our tastes.
Almost one year later, this furniture, along with the other accessories like window treatment, media buffet, etc......fits our home and is integral to our family relaxation concept....and guests' WOWS!

Thank you Pia for taking the time to understand our needs and converting them into elegant unique furniture. Also a big thank you to Alex and the rest of the crew behind the scenes who were able to get our furniture and other items to us in time."

S.C. Plainsboro, New Jersey
Please click here to see more from Client Home #90


Coordinated room from The Contemporary Couch with leather couch and contemporary rugPia and Larry,
"Thank you so much for making our furniture buying experience such a joy!! This was the first time that we've worked with a designer to create a complete look for an entire room and we didn't know what to expect. You made the process pleasurable and easy and we are DELIGHTED with the outcome!!...I'm not sure if you remember, but one of the first things we said to you was "We don't own a modern house and we're not looking for contemporary furniture. We just want a nice couch...can you work with us?" You assured us that you could, and all I can say is that our expectations were EXCEEDED!!"

Dawn and Vic, Short Hills, NJ
Please click here for complete quote and further photos...Client Home #99, Short Hills, NJ


Custom contemporary console Pia and Larry,
     "My family and I are so pleased with the transformation that you have brought to our home. 
     Transformation and home because it truly brought change to how we commune in our dwelling.  Change in how and where we share our time spent indoors.  The functionality lends itself to easy communal existence.  This spot is where we all love to be and not in the den watching TV.  We now spend more time in these rooms than we previously did.  There is no fear, of "wearing the out" as we had, of previous furniture.  We do not want to just watch it, we use it.
      The stylishness has modernized our living space.  The quality has brought a sense of comfort to the space.  The colours that you have married to existing pieces have transformed these rooms to places of warm tranquility with underlying strengths felt because of the sturdiness of the furniture. 
     Compliments on our "new home" are offered up by all visiting.  But the best is when we enjoy it ourselves.
     The unique console does exactly what we wanted it to do.  It adds style to our home but also is personal in nature because of the initials.  Yet, that personal touch remains obscure, despite, the boldness of the piece.  No one notices it unless we choose to point it our.  Needless to say, that is not done, unless the person is close to us.  I had doubts anyone would miss the initials and that over time it might become garish and branding. Pia, you are truly amazing!
Finally, your follow up attention to details and service in rectifying the minor items that needed to be addresses was beyond reproach.  In today's world, where service paid for is invariably sub par, you have set a standard that others could do well to follow. 
      From a very pleased we found you family. Thank you Pia and Larry!"
Ken & Debbie
Read the complete quote and see their fabulous home at Client Home #54


Contemporary living "We were always looking for someone who specializes in Contemporary Furniture. We liked what we saw on the site but like most people we were skeptical as to whether we will get what we actually see on the site or whether the pictures really belong to real people. On visiting your Showroom both of us were very pleased and it was like seeing our pictures in our mind for real. Being a total novice in the Interior Designing Area we were pleased the way Pia Designed our Furniture/Color Combination/Rugs but the most exciting part was to see the Design on the paper actually turn into Reality when we got Delivery of the Furniture.   Design on paper does no justice to the actual Furniture.  Our friends and family who have visited our home said WOW – this is really cool." 
TSD & SD, Monroe, New Jersey

Read the complete quote and see their truly beautiful home at Client Home #45.


For those of you who remember the hedonistic days of Studio 54, and the unique times and personalities of that era, here is a quote from the man Time magazine calls.......
   "The godfather of the U.S. paparazzi culture" and his equally famous wife

"Walking into Pia's amazing showroom, I was overwhelmed and felt that Ron and I would never come to terms over which direction to take (I'm traditionContemporary looks for Client Home #52 Montvilleal, he's contemporary). All I really knew was that I wanted high impact and drama to best showcase Ron's photography. The result has been absolutely magical. As in "pop", the colors are vibrant, and the furnishings are amazing.
In our opinion, the most beautiful form in nature is the sphere, and Pia gave us exactly what we were looking for--curves in our sofa and rug designs. Her designs are amazing works of art. Pia rocks! She's half marriage counselor, but 100% Plus great designer!!!!!" 
Betty and Ron Galella, Montville, NJ
See entire quote on Client Home #52 Montville, NJ


"We just love the new couch. Thank you so much."Simple, elegant couch

S and J M. Syosset, Long Island


"Pia, I love the way the entire room looks. I can't wait for you to design the rest of my home. I am very happy." Custom rug and curvy couch

DG, Oceanside, Long Island


H. from Madison, NJ. writes, "Pia, Our new couch and chair looks so wonderful and perfectly tied together with our dining room. We love it all! Thank you so much for everything."

Awesome shapely dining table with stainless base

From our Facebook pageFrom our Facebook page


"We love the unsurpassed customer service that is actually "customer service." The pieces are unique and tailored to your taste, needs and space. There are few places left that provide you with quality, price and care, that is why we are a satisfied, happy and loyal returning customer." LG.

From our Facebook pageFrom our Facebook page


"There is no place like The Contemporary Couch for qualityCustom window treatments, design and professional service. Pia and Larry treat you as family and your home will never be the same.

You owe it to yourself to go to the showroom. You will want to get rid of furniture so you can purchase more!"

Susan U., Manalapan, NJ


"Pia's designs exceeded our expectations. Leather sectional with adjustable headsets and oversize ottoman. Coordinating window cornice.

Creating these designs was as much fun as designing our custom home in India. We are thrilled with the outcome."

Washington Crossing, PA


"The designs are always unique and beautiful, Custom officeas well as
specific to the needs and personality of the individual customer. 
The quality is  unmatched.  Our furniture is so beautiful and comfortable that we hope it lasts forever!  Pia and Larry take great pride in bringing their expertise and quality product to the consumer."


"Thank you Pia for helping Larry and I break through our style differences. I have a penchaCustom cornices created by Piant for color, fun and creativity while he prefers simple lines, solids, and neutral color, especially hospital white. Our home theater now has the casual, lounging look and feel to make movie nights both luxurious and cozy. Now our biggest debate is whether to melt into those huge, cushiony chairs or recline in the automated theater seating. Both put Larry to sleep before the opening credits have a chance to finish!
Stephanie and Larry B, Edgewater, NJ


Custom cornices created by PiaPia, I love the purple cornices!!!!! They look great. I had a cookout yesterday and everyone was floored; they couldn't stop raving about how awesome my window cornices were. I can't wait to order more for my kitchen soon!!!
Thanks so much,
    SR, Peabody, MA


Dear Pia and Larry,
I just wanted to drop you a thank you for the beautiful flowers. You are both a wonderful; example of good and decent business people who grow their business the right way .....through honesty and relationships. I intend to be back and finish my decorating. Please let me know if I can do anything for you....ever. I am happy to be a reference or endorsement.
Warm regards, Kathy M. Wyckoff, NJ


Custom sofa and geometric rug
It looks fabulous! Thanks for helping us make our living room look amazing!

Thanks, Diane & Sandy, Fairlawn, NJ


"Ever since I met Pia at LivingRooms Plus (who was a recommendation from a Custom living room furniturefriend, since I loved her couch), I have loved working with Pia and Larry and visiting them in their showrooms. You have made the process painless and have put my house together both beautifully and functionally. When I go to your showroom in Carlstadt, and now Paramus, I don't know what to look at first, it is all so beautiful. I look forward to working with you for years to come and recommending you as well."
BN, River Vale, NJ
Please click here for more from Client Home #127


Dear Pia and Larry ,
  "We feel compelled to conveCustom coordinated family roomy to you how pleased we are with our new furniture, rugs and painting. From the initial steps of designing and planning, all the way through the delivery and installation, you were hands on and available.

  We so appreciate all your efforts to insure our satisfaction and we are indeed, very pleased with the results. A special thanks, too, for the little kindnesses and gestures that have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated."
Sincerely, Sally and Steve H, Hackensack, NJ
Please click here for more from Client Home #130


Dear Larry and Pia,
"Diane and I both wish to thank you for our new entertainment piece which arrived last week. The piece is absolutely beautiful. It's high gloss, deep clear luster is simply magnificent as is the color! There are simply no better words to describe it! It's BEAUTIFUL! You have made our home furnishing experience close to a magical event. When we walk into our house now and look around, the Contemporary elegance just jumps out.

We thank you both VERY much."
J and D G. Garfield, NJ


"Classy, comfortable and fun all at the same Contemporary is class. fun & comfortable all at the same time!time!"

Please click here to see more from Client Home #25


"After a difficult day at work, I come home to my home beautifully 7 piece sectional with dramatic curves furnished by Pia, and I just say, 'aaahhh! I love coming home!"
P.M. Montvale, NJ.


Hi Pia and Larry,Custom designed by Pia
"Just want to say thanks a million. All I can say is I'm in love. It was truly love at first site.  From wonderful Pia and Larry to the spectacular showroom.  Not only do I have a beautiful home thanks to them, but I have two new amazing friends."

Carol and Jimmy, Staten Island, NY

Please click here for complete quote and other pictures from Client Home #96, Staten Island, NY


"Hi Pia, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the all of your hard work. We Custom, bedroom wall unit from The Contemporary Couch
absolutely LOVE the bedroom! Thanks,"

Marlene and Andre, E. Brunswick, NJ
Please click here to see more from Client Home #102


Custom serpentine two tone couch"I came across Pia's website. Three visits, countless measurements, and hundreds of fabric choices and styles later, my dream sofa-purple ostrich leather couch was created. Pia really listens to you. I never felt pressured to buy anything. Pia has completed 3 rooms of my home and is currently designing my basement to look like a beach house; complete with waterfall, palm trees and a tiki bar."

Please click here to see more from Client Home #44 Manalapan, NJ


Contemporary Living Room"I just had to write and tell you my entire experience from walking into your beautiful showroom to receiving my wall pieces, custom rugs and leather furniture has been a remarkable experience, to say the least. Your design experience and recommendations have truly enhanced our home to be more dramatic and a one of a kind look.  From the day I placed my order, every detail was followed up like clockwork and the delivery was as promised"      
MP, Nazareth, PA

Please click here to see Client Home #110, Nazareth PA


"Pia and Larry, I am so happy that by chance I was coming to New Jersey for a meeting, looked Coloful! The Contemporary Couch does color, shape and design!up contemporary furniture, and found you. Every piece is unique and artistic. Thank you for the time and effort you spent beautifying my home."
NE Dubois, PA.

Please click here to see a truly spectacular home at Client Home #91, Dubois, PA


Custom coffee table from The Contemporary CouchHi Pia and Larry,
"I can't stop eyeing the beautiful table, delivered yesterday! It has transformed the room! Thanks so much for your assistance with expediting the delivery. Steve has now decided that the room needs another chair (naturally, I agree). So, I'll be back in touch soon. Thanks again and please thank Alex as well."
VW, Warwick, NY


"We had spent one year with a decorator and found nothing, and within one hour of meeting Larry, found Perfectly matched! The Contemporary Couch serves NY, NJ & PAwhat we had been searching for! Then within the next week we consulted with Pia, who came to our home, helped select our accent wall colors and some additional furniture, then designed a custom rug which pulled it all together -[and really kicks ass] we were done, our marriage was saved! Thank you guys so much!!"
JR & D, Hawthorne, NJ

Please click here to view Client Home #109, Hawthorne, NJ


"My only regret in working with Pia is that I didn't find her sooner. The best part is now that it us all Modern, contemporary decortogether, I am thrilled with all of Pia's choices. I look forward to coming home every day."
BB, Hackensack, NJ

Please click here for complete quote and more photos......Client Home #69, Hackensack, NJ


"Over the years, Larry and Pia have guided me through manPerfect fit!y obstacles and were always there for me when I needed them. They quickly became my friends and acted as role models as I went through school. I soon realized that they were going to be an integral part of my life for a long time. Eight years later, here I am with a new car, condo, job, and on my way to my first graduate degree. These decisions were made thanks to the great advice that Larry and Pia were always able to give me. They have always held high expectations of me and would never accept anything but the best, which helped me to be a better employee, musician, student, and all-around person. As highly-qualified, honest, and down-to-earth professionals, Larry and Pia are very easy to work with and talk to. Even though I may not be rich with a huge house, they were clearly able to accommodate my needs based on my personality, budget and living space. Larry is an extraordinary businessman with a knack for, well, just about anything! Pia is an extremely talented artist and businesswoman who will immediately assess the type of person you are and design a room/home perfect for you, without fail! Both Larry and Pia will make you feel welcome by accepting you into their warm, friendly showroom, which I have come to call my second home. Well, actually, half the showroom has become my REAL home! Thanks for everything!"
Chris the (former) intern

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"In this world of ‘high costs and low value’ ---Style and excellence from The Contemporary Couch- it is such a pleasure to have found a company like 'The Contemporary Couch' --- where you can expect superior service, great value, high quality, and peace of mind. Pia and Larry treat your home --- as if it were theirs. They accept nothing but excellence from their manufacturers --- and consistently go the extra mile to ensure that their customers are truly delighted with their ‘work of art’."
KM, Wyckoff, NJ


High praise for The Contemporary Couch"Over the last 15 years, I have utilized Pia's design services for various decoration and home furnishing endeavors. Every design consultation and all purchases were executed flawlessly - from the beginning of the sales process right through delivery."
RP, Pompton Plains, NJ

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"Larry and Pia .. simply one word.....
Magnificent......the pictures, your kind words are simply wife and I cannot find enougThe Contemporary Couch makes shopping for modern furniture easy!h words to thank you for your unbelievable professionalism and how you catered to our have indeed left us flabbergasted with what indeed looks like a model home out of a magazine..."
A & R Wayne, NJ

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"Pia is a unique talent. A trendsetter, not a follower. A true original. Using her artist's background, Pia redefines the "art of living," into a contemporary furniture masterpiece!"
RM, Old Tappan, New Jersey


Praise for The Contemporary Couch"A few years ago, I had custom nightstands made in Italy. After waiting a full year for them, we decided to then order a new dresser and armoire. Our luck, the company went out of business. My search began and always ended with no luck. Someone was kind enough to give me Pia's name. We met at the showroom, and I was impressed with what she could offer. A week later, she made the long trip to my home. We just clicked. Together, we designed two custom, beautiful pieces so quickly that we even had time for coffee. A few months later, two kind and well qualified men delivered and put together our new furniture. You can see them proudly on Pia's website. We are so pleased that we wanted to share this ."
Sue & Alan M., Armonk, NY


Modern Living RoomPia and Larry:
" Just wanted to let you know my leather furniture looks "FANTABULOUS."
You guys did a lovely job setting me up in my new house. I thank you and appreciate the work you have done. Your expertise was gratifying and I was comfortable and excited about the outcome of what was coming."
NB, Baldwin, NY

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"Pia has brought the art of interior design to new levels. The combining of fabric, color and design have been blended into aBeautiful fabric combinations unique and individualized living space to enjoy. Pia is wonderful to work with!"
I and MH, Suffern NY


Contemporary Living in Princeton"We are thrilled and love to be in our family room.  It is warm, inviting and well--quite perfect.  So now we are working on our dining room and front sitting area.
Thank you Pia and Larry.  We are so glad we found you."
SM, Princeton, NJ

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"Working with Pia was a pleasure. 'The Contemporary Couch' provided a comprehensive and budget-Custom cuddle chairfocused approach to helping me design my home. 'The Contemporary Couch' is dedicated to ensuring their customers are satisfied each and every step of the way. Pia pays special attention to every aspect of the design process from start to finish. Pia's creative ideas and expertise along with her unique fabrics, colors & styles can dramatically enhance any room. Pia has provided outstanding quality and service and I would recommend using 'The Contemporary Couch' to anyone. Pia has an eye for design that can assist you with all your decorating and designing needs and accommodate any home or life style."
LML Staten Island, NY

"I saw my house on your website!!!  Very good and thank you so much for making our home so beautiful.  Again, thank you.Custom rug, sofa and cuddle chair
"Just wanted to let you know that we went to Baltimore at my friend's house and wow! you did a great job as always. Everything looks perfect. I was very excited to see all her furniture. Thank you."
SD, Piscataway, NJ

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Many people visit our showroom who don't need furniture. They just love to come in and see our latest creations. These are some of their comments:

"It's like a good breakfast. All of the shapes, colors and unique ideas invigorate you for the entire day."
Montreal, Canada


"Like a garden of earthly delights."


"Pia has an amazing talent for interior design. She makes rooms come alive!"
SJ, Mahwah, NJ


Hello Pia,
I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful furniture and vases that were delivered to our house. It looks very nice and we are very happy. Thank you again!
ZZ, Staten Island, NY


"The most artistic furniture designer in the United States. We are so happy with our custom dining room."
SR, Albany, NY


"Thank you for helping us with the problems we were having with another store. We owe you big time. Now we know the one and only place to shop for furniture."
Lisa T.


"The furniture you designed for us looks so amazing. We get so.....many compliments on it it really changed the whole look of our palace (lol) thanks again for everything.
Chester, PA


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